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ALPHA TUNE offers NEW EMULATOR VK-62 and Vilkus-62 solution supports all engines European and USA Models. Loader , excavator, payloader , and other model with (D4H,D6H,D8H,D13H,D16H) and all new models 2015 and up with DPF and DEF ( D6J,D8J,D11J,D13J,D16J). No special software is needed. All that is required is unplug the ACM(After Treatment Control Module) connector and plug the VK-62 Emulator, and you are done!


Do I need a mechanic to install the Emulator on a truck?

NO! the emulator installation can be done by anyone . there is no need for a profecional or a mechanic to do it .

Will removing my DPF cause any problems?

No, in fact leaving the DPF in will cause more problems in the future. Once the DPF is removed there is no need to worry about regenerations, power loss, or expensive bills from the dealers.

How long does it take to put the Emulator on?

It usually takes 5 minutes!

Does it affect fuel economy?

A blocked DPF uses more fuel making the engine work harder. Removing the DPF will help the exhaust to flow freely, and in most cases it will increase the vehicle’s MPG.

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