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ALPHA TUNE provides a reliable and safe tuning solution for all DetroitDiesel Engine models.. From 2004 up to 2018. All our solutions have been tested on the road and also with Dyno! We guarantee your sanctification.

We provide horsepower upgrade plus custom tuning for EGR, DPF, and DEF in all Cummins Engine models


How it works:

We provide the fasts turn around time to send back the ECMs to our customers. whereever you are located in USA or Canada or Europe, we will have one of the closest dealer to do the tunning for you! We have over 100 dealer world wide!

  1. We do 2007-2009 models via online programming / All you need to provide are a laptop and a connector such as Nexiq, DLA, Vocom, or similar interface. You can purchase one of this connector on Amazon, eBay, or from

    P.s: you can also ship MCM and CPC to us . if you don’t want go with online programming




  2. For 2010 up to 2018, you need to ship the ACM Aftertreatment Control Module and MCM Motor Control Module and CPC Common Powertrain Controller to us

What is Required for 2007 to 2009 model remote programming :

  • A laptop
  • An interface (Nexiq, DLaVocom,..etc))
  • Hook up to either Truck or Engine ECU (bench connection)
  • Download and Install Teamviewer from Here
  • Once you installed the Teamviewer software, run the program, it will give you an ID and password, pleas send us that ID and pass, we will do the rest
  • You don’t need to have any special software to do the turning. We will provide and install need software free!
  • The total process takes 15-30 minutes!

Shipping the ECM :

Please log in to your account if you don’t have one, you can make one by singing up here. Log in to your account and you will see all details how to do the shipping according to your location .

Price :

Give us call or email us


the best and fastest way :

log in to your account ( if you don’t have one , create one here), then you will see all today’s special pricing!

How to place an order :

Give us call or email us


All you need is to create an account ( it is very quick) and then log in. once you are in you can then place your order. You will see the full instruction what to do before and after the delete once you are logged in to your account! Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any question.